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Aztour Resumed Business Operations


Aztour Resumed Business Operations

Aztour Resumed Business Operations


   The subject that generates the greatest interest of the travel industry is Aztour Travel Company return to tour operating business. We remind you that in September 2005 the tour operator had serious problems with their tourists’ accommodation in Turkish hotels and their distribution to Moscow – Antalya – Moscow flights. As a result the company announced the termination of the business followed by unfavourable situations for agencies that had worked with Aztour.
    A BANKO correspondent contacted Aztour to clear up the situation. The correspondent found out that allegedly a Turkish holding company First Step Travel bought Aztour and renaimed it into Lantis Tour. According to Ahmet Seldjuk, the co-owner of the company, Deep Tour will bear all responsibilities of former Aztour. Firstly, Deep Tour consolidated flights to Antalya. Secondly, it allegedly acted as an agent between Aztour and Turkish hotels and incoming companies. ‘We intend to recover our reputation and to work a lot in the market: we have contracts with 120 hotels and, besides, we plan to launch our own charter flights to Antalya’, added Seldjuk. He also pointed out that in spite of its official name Lantis Tour, the company will cooperate with agencies as Aztour.
Meanwhile, on the one hand, some travel agencies doubt the merits of partnership with the infamous company. On the other hand, others are ready to work in partnership with Lantis Tour.
   Furthermore, Osman Ayik, President Of Mediterranean Hotels Association, commented on the situation as follows: ‘if Aztour changed the name, hotels will co-operate with them. We remember the bitter experience but it is how the business works – future is more important. Hotels will make contracts to earn money’.

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